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Being the gentleman that he is, Brendan courteously offered a spot in his bed to poor Gwencarion who didn’t have anywhere to sleep for the night, due to a freak accident causing his bed to catch fire. (Brendan might have had a hand in that…)

All in all, plan worked out pretty well… aside for the gigantic cat.

Oct 14, 2014
7:03 AM
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rayment of the lich outfit, where males get cool looking legs and new walking animations, meanwhile women get stiletto boots.

Oct 11, 2014
9:38 AM
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finally have my baby <3

Sep 21, 2014
4:26 PM
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Quick dungeons, let’s threeman TA!

It turned out to be  bad idea

Sep 10, 2014
7:01 AM
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More spam of cor, too bad this map isn’t in the normal rotations

Sep 09, 2014
6:58 PM
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Never got an ascended drop in two years. Last 2 weeks, i managed to get 3 armor boxes. what.

Sep 09, 2014
7:01 AM
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what fly.

Sep 07, 2014
6:16 PM
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meet the blogger

Tagged By: deltorreblogs
Name: Sari
Age: 21
Gender: female


Food: I love food too much, i’ll never be able to decide on a favourite
Drink: ginger lemonade from the wokAway
Book: game of thrones/ a trilogy of which i forgot the name but absolutely adored.
Film: the secret of kells
TV Shows: game of thrones.
Band: Once again too much to name
Place: My bedroom: it is tiny, generally warm and has enough blankets, pillows and stuffed toys to feel cosy and comfortable.
Celebrity: /


Best Friends: gertienogertieyes​  fuckingnonions. I value my other friendships just as much, but i have known these guys for so long already that they deserve a special mention.
Hometown: Meerbeke
Siblings: one older sister
Dream Job: concept artist/character designer
Fears: being alone in my house at night. My stuff getting stolen, being ridiculed behind my back.
Tattoos: None.
Piercings: Had my ears pierced but I barely put earrings in
Languages: english, dutch and a bit of french and german


Reasons behind my URL: Delubra means temples, picked it up during a lesson of latin and i liked the sound of it.
Why I joined: I wanted to have a place to share my art.
First URL:
# of blogs: 3: a general one, this one and an art blog
Tracked Tags: 2

Sep 07, 2014
7:58 AM
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uses roses

two people instantly abusing it to look under darthus his armour skirt thing

Nice view though.

Sep 03, 2014
5:32 AM
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Corco and metricaa's aeronn being fabulous mesmers

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