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sketch of my necro on gw2

Aug 13, 2014
12:28 PM
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last GW2 portrait for now (I promise) my friend Baiae's pretty guardian: Nix.


Aug 13, 2014
10:55 AM
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Celebrating my 10k ap by giving cor a new hairstyle

Aug 12, 2014
6:49 PM

I need a moment

Jul 22, 2014
6:11 AM
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Some screenies from the past few weeks/days?1-2: Welcoming a friend’s new character with the twins
3-4: Pvp with Iain and Shui
5/9: adventures in scavenger’s chasm

with: fuckingnonions / metricaa , deltor-gw2 and notwressk

Jul 21, 2014
9:38 AM
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another one
edited with photoshop

Jul 15, 2014
1:05 PM
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so worth the money ;-;

Jul 11, 2014
5:06 PM
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Jul 05, 2014
5:11 AM
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kibbles-hallowfang said: isn’t the word fired a little much in this? but I do agree more information would be nice but that seems to be the theme they want to do for the first bits of this living story information

my main intend in using the word fired was to stress the…

I think the reason we hear very little of the pact is because the things that are happening now are none of the pact’s concern, as indeed, they are here to vanquish dragons, and while the crash of the zephyrites is horrible, it is in no way linked to the dragons(yet). What we had now was running after a wayward sylvari and discovering more scarlet stuff. Also the pact would be the worst organisation to do first aid, as you have to mobilise troups from three different orders and make them work together, which is probably still no easy feat. If they are doing anything right now, it would probably figuring out what mess Scarlet has caused.
although i do agree pact commanders have a whole lot of free time to be able to take holidays in new desert zones with their buddies.

Jun 26, 2014
7:50 PM
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Order-armor appreciation, The Vigil


I want to see how you guys handle order-armor in gw2!
So reblog and attach a screenshot of your character that represents one of the Orders in gw2. It doesn’t have to be the order’s specific armor or the correct dyes - just as long as one can tell that they are from that order :D

Here goes the Vigil (go here for Order of Whispers and Durmand Priory):


Deltor in the Vigil, just for fun:

Let’s get some order-armor appreciation started!
Reblog and attach your own characters =)

Nix and Bargheira

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