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people in pvp are so easily upset: "You beat me with a popular build? How dare you you PU whore!"

Sep 02, 2014
4:10 AM
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Every Tequatl mega event

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Aug 29, 2014
10:52 AM
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Aug 24, 2014
4:07 PM
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To address the slew of messages and indirect replies I got after that last rant, I’m posting something serious that’s less of an emotive rant and more of an informative piece (well, a little). If you’re not interested, just gloss over.

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First of all, excuse me, i’m a bad writer and i am not the best at stating my point in a concise way, thus this post might get rather long.

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Aug 17, 2014
1:11 PM
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sketch of my necro on gw2

Aug 13, 2014
12:28 PM
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last GW2 portrait for now (I promise) my friend Baiae's pretty guardian: Nix.


Aug 13, 2014
10:55 AM
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Celebrating my 10k ap by giving cor a new hairstyle

Aug 12, 2014
6:49 PM

I need a moment

Jul 22, 2014
6:11 AM
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Some screenies from the past few weeks/days?1-2: Welcoming a friend’s new character with the twins
3-4: Pvp with Iain and Shui
5/9: adventures in scavenger’s chasm

with: fuckingnonions / metricaa , deltor-gw2 and notwressk

Jul 21, 2014
9:38 AM
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another one
edited with photoshop

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